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My Weight Loss Journey Part 1

My Weight Loss Journey...

And if you find any of my lost pounds feel free to keep them, I don't want them back!

I have struggled with weight ever since I started having my babies, it was like my metabolism just shut down on me all of a sudden. For someone that was a size 3 in high school and a size 5 when I got married this was a hard adjustment. And then when the babies kept coming it kind of felt like, "Why bother losing weight? I'm just going to get pregnant again and gain it all back." And that is what happened over and over again. When Paige, my 5th baby, was born I started teaching dance again and swore that this time I would lose the weight. I have pictures of myself from that first recital in 2005 and its embarrassing. The worst part is that I saw those pictures this last fall and I realized that nothing had changed since then. I have two more precious babies, but Paige turns 7 next week and here I am looking exactly the same as I did when she turned a year. That is when I made the decision that it was time for me to make a change for me. Not for my husband, not for my kids, but for me. And so I did.

I first heard about the Hcg Diet the fall of 2009. My sister's good friend and author, Colleen Coble, and her husband did the diet together and got amazing results. For the first time Colleen was able to lose weight in those spots that just wouldn't ever move for her. She swore by it and encouraged others to give it a try. Through my sister's encouragement because of how she saw it work for her friend, my aunt ended up trying it and started to see good results. In the meantime I was pregnant with my 7th baby, Colin, and knew the timing wasn't right for me yet. Colin was born this last July and I decided that the fall was my time... until my aunt warned me that trying to start over the holidays could be difficult and she suggested I wait until the beginning of the year. I decided that was sound advice and ordered from the same site my aunt used and got a package of Hcg drops for my Christmas present. My biggest concern was that there are so many places that sell Hcg, but I didn't want to risk ordering something that wasn't a good quality product, something that might be watered down. If I was going to do something this restrictive then I was going to do it all the way, no holds barred and I didn't want lack of quality in the drops to hold me back.

So after getting my package (from the most amazing website with the absolute best customer support!) I started my load days. For two days I took the drops (10 drops 6x a day) and ate all the fat I could swallow. It sounds counter productive but is actually one of the most important things you can do for a successful round of Hcg. I did pretty well and was finally ready to start the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet). So I weighed myself and took measurements so I could track myself through my losses. I started out at 199.7 lbs and lots of inches.

The VLCD sounds incredibly restrictive and I was a little concerned with a couple things. 1) I'm going to be hungry all the time! Myth - actually the Hcg in your system is there in part to keep you from being hungry. It directs your body to burn up fat from your excess fat stores when it runs out of fuel. So you eat 500 calories a day and the rest of your fuel comes from what you already have. And believe me, I have enough stored to keep me from being hungry for a long time. 2) I'm going to be so bored with my food choices. Myth - for one thing, the simplicity of the choices actually makes it easier on you and it is also amazing how creative you can get. I came to enjoy the fact that I didn't have to think about food much after I got into the swing of things. Food wasn't the first thing I thought about when I woke up and it wasn't the last thing I thought about when going to bed. For the first time in years food didn't consume my thoughts.

I am someone that needs to see results to be motivated - with Hcg I saw lots of results - on the scale and with the tape measure. It's called Pounds & Inches for a reason. When the scale isn't moving the tape measure probably is. Most people average about .5 lb to 1 lb a day and I was right about 1 lb a day. I ran into stalls a couple times, where my body was trying to catch up with bigger losses or when I hit a weight that I had been at for an extended period at some point previously. It can take a couple days for your body to break through a previous weight. I hit a couple of those but it is a good feeling to bust through that past weight.

I was seeing such great results that people would ask what I was doing and I would refer them to the website I ordered from. I can't say enough good things about ( Their products and their support, I'll never order from another site. I have quite a few friends that have started because I pointed them here and they are doing great. My mom and dad are currently in the middle of the VLCD protocol and a friend of mine that has never been able to lose weight any other way is 11 days into it and has lost 31 pounds. It is fantastic to see it changing other people's lives like it is changing mine!

Fast, safe, long-term weight loss with HCG drops!

I am currently on my 4th week of Maintenence and will start a 2nd round of the Hcg protocol after my 6 weeks of Maintenence is up. I might hit my goal weight in my 2nd round and then I'll go through Maintenence one more time and be ready to move into Life Phase which means that I should never have to struggle with my weight again as long as I follow the Life Phase protocol. Basically, make smart choices, don't deprive yourself but don't get more than 2-5 pounds above your goal weight again. That is one of the reasons I picked this diet, I never want weight to be a struggle for me again.

The hardest thing for me is that some people have a preconceived notion about this diet and they make a judgement on it as soon as they hear that is what I'm doing... "I know someone that did that diet and it didn't work for them." "I heard that is dangerous!" "Why would you want to do a diet that puts hormones in your body???" "Have you been having side effects?"

If someone does the diet and doesn't get results, they probably aren't doing it properly and don't have the right support system and info. When done properly it isn't dangerous at all - in my small town I know of two different doctors that administer the diet through their offices and another doctor that recommends it. What I use is homeopathic heat imprinted and is not the actual hormone, it just gets the results. When done properly there are no side effects except feeling better, having more energy and looking fantastic!

I plan on posting more info with hints and suggestions and following my 2nd round as I move towards my goal weight. In my first round I lost 29.5 lbs in 32 days and without trying I have lost a little more in Maintenence (not the goal, but my body seems to like having my metabolism jumpstarted again after all these years!). I am down 38.2 lbs for a total of 19.13%. I will post a couple pictures, but stay tuned for more as things progress over the next couple months! (The first picture is when I started at 199.7 and the second picture is when I finished the first round at 173.6 - I am 161.5 right now.)



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