Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Are You Worth?

Are you worth putting yourself first for a short term so you will have the energy to put your family first long term?

Are you worth discovering what it was that led you to a place of being overweight in the first place?

Are you worth deciding that you are fed up with where you are and you are finally ready to take action?

Are you worth the dedication it takes to rediscover (or maybe discover for the first time) the best you?

Are you worth saying "No." to things that you like for a small time frame so that you can say "Yes." later and feel good about it and not feel guilty?

Are you worth a new wardrobe when you melt away the stored fat in you and nothing you own fits anymore?

Are you worth finally feeling proud of yourself when you look in a mirror instead of disgusted?

I know that once I figured out that "I am worth it!" It has changed my life. I have added years to my life and life to my years (cliched but so true). My family is proud of me, my kids are proud of me, my husband is proud of me and I am proud of me. This week I have been hearing over and over - "You look so great! And your pictures don't even do you justice!" I love it, but I worked hard to get here... and I am worth it!

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