Friday, July 15, 2011

Bumps in the road... finally smoothing out...

So today is the end of VLCD7 and things are going good now. I had a few hungry days in the past few days. I talked to customer support and they wondered if I was running out of abnormal fat because I am getting close to my end goal. I was suspicious but pretty sure that I was okay. I am on the high end of normal (actually crossed back into overweight during my load days) - I really don't want to be that close to the overweight mark. I finally had one extra serving of protein yesterday and for some reason that was enough to set things right. I also worked a lot harder to make sure that I was drinking enough water and tea today and I know that helped too. I am not advocating eating past the 500 calories or changing the protocol at any moment just to fit your desires, but I do think that for whatever reason I am in good shape to keep moving forward with VLCD now.

As of this morning I weighed in at 133.4. That is down 12.4 lbs from my weigh in last Saturday (6 days later). So much for the theory that I would lose weight lots slower this time since I'm so close to my goal weight. And that is 66.3 lbs total. I am 5.4 lbs from my high goal and 8.4 lbs from my low goal. So even if my weight loss slows down a lot I should still be fine since I have 14 days left. I also measured a couple days ago and I'm down a total of 50.5 inches right now since Jan. 10th - 50.5! Isn't that crazy?!? Who would've guessed? To top it off I am in a comfortable size 4 - down from the 16 I was wearing back in December. I don't really expect to go smaller than that (in fact I'm not sure I really want to), I'm already in a Small shirt and size 4 pants. You have to understand that for someone who has been buying L/XL shirts and 14/16 pants for as long as I can remember this is pretty unbelieveable. I feel like I'm living a fairytale right now. My husband said today, "I don't mean to fixate on it (the weight loss I've had)." And I said, "No, that's ok. Fixate away!" It is still so mind boggling to me that I need to pinch myself sometimes.

Anyone can do what I've done. I'm no one special. You just have to be focused and determined. Hcg definitely requires dedication, but if you are committed then you can see your life utterly changed forever! I can do this and so can you. I started with 75 lbs to lose and I am almost there... my goal is so close I can almost taste it (LOL). But just remember no daunting how far away your goal seems right now there is one first step for everyone - you have to start. You can't finish if you don't start. I should know - I put starting off for 2 years! My husband and I want to renew our vows next year for our anniversary and last year I said, "I'll never be able to wear my wedding dress!" Now I am telling my husband, "My wedding dress will be too big! I'll need a belt!" Anything is possible!

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