Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Final Countdown!

Ok, here it is... The Final Countdown!!!

Today is my first day of Round 3 (R3) in which I hope to lose 15-20 lbs in a 21 day round. After finally stabilizing during Maintenance in R2 and ending with really good success, it is a little hard to go back down to such limited options for my food. But here again I remind myself - it is only for a short period of time... after that it is back on Maintenance and then onto Life Phase feeling better than I have for 1/2 my life. I made a discovery this week, a very important discovery - possibly a life altering discovery! Since I knew I was getting ready to go back into VLCD and when I was done I would be entering Life Phase I decided that for the 4 days leading up to loading I would eat whatever I wanted. So I did. A Whopper and fries, French Dip Sliders, Boneless Buffalo Wings and Potato Twisters at Applebees, Spicy Jack burgers and onion rings at Runza, desserts... whatever sounded good. Ironically I discovered that when I was at Applebees I would have rather had a big steak with steamed veggies and a side salad. I told Matt that I honestly won't have trouble eating on Life Phase forever... I actually prefer to eat that way! I feel good when I eat lots of protein, veggies and fruit and I feel good about myself too. I look forward to counting down the days on VLCD and then attacking Maintenance with a vengence. I talked with a friend today that has also done two rounds and is ready to do one last round - she said, "Isn't Hcg a blessing from God?" And I was like, "YES!!! I agree completely!"

I know there is no diet for everyone, but this one is definitely for me!

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